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Dr. Gamliel

Doctor of Oriental Medicine

Our holistic health practitioner, Dr. Gamliel, is an expert in nutrition and holistic health care. She offers telehealth services for optimum convenience for her clients. She will ask the pertinent questions and formulate a treatment plan specific to your needs.

Dr. Gamliel empowers her patients and students to take responsibility for the improvement of their own health. She gives recommendations for optimal well-being: mind-body-spirit. Call 786.537.0771 to schedule your phone consultation today!

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Dr. Gamliel Cares About Your Well-Being


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Vitamins and minerals are essential to helping your body develop and function as it should. Some people get all that is needed by eating healthy. Others need a boost from natural supplements.
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Holistic Breast Care

Although mammography is considered the "gold standard" of breast cancer screening in America, women need to know that there are other viable options! A healthy choice is one that is made based on balanced, unbiased information.

Unfortunately, the literature in doctor's offices which is supposed to educate patients about certain medications and procedures often purposely omits certain vital information which if the patient knew about, might influence their decision about the procedure recommended by conventional doctors (such as side-effects, complications, risks, relevant statistics etc). By leaving this important information out, the patient is directed to respond the way the clinic or health care provider wants them to.

Today, politics and medicine are very much interwoven and it is often difficult to discern the potential conflicts of interest when it comes to optimal health choices.

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Overcoming the Dangerous Cycle of Inactivity and Fatigue

2. I'm exhausted after work

You can pedal a stationary bike at work by keeping it underneath your desk. It need not be expensive to be useful; the most important thing is to use it. There are a few expensive options that might be a worthy investment.

Ask your manager if you may place some modest workout equipment in the staff break room, like a portable device. He or she may even help with the cost. Additionally, a car trunk may easily accommodate this device!

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