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What do Jennifer Aniston, Gwenith Paltrow, Justin Beiber and Michael Phelps have in common? They all understand the benefits of therapeutic cupping, a practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine!

Acupuncture and Holistic Medicine has helped people of all ages to manage pain and inflammation. We are experts in the field of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and improving the quality of life for our patients is our mission.

Pain Conditions

Pain can be the result of a new or old injury to the body but it doesn’t have to control your life.  Whether your pain is acute or chronic, acupuncture can help you to feel good again.  Acupuncture, also known as “dry needling” stimulates the healing process of the body and it can help to reduce the recovery time from a new injury and decrease the frequency and severity of discomfort from an old injury.  Many times, when done on a regular basis, acupuncture and holistic healing methods (such as exercise, herbal medicine, nutrition and ice) can prevent the need for surgery.  Many people who come to us have tried everything else already and acupuncture was their last resort.   After getting relief from their ailments, they wished they had tried acupuncture first!

Sports Injuries

Narcotic pain medications prescribed by medical doctors to treat sports injuries have limiting side effects like sedation or constipation. Meanwhile, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications are frequently associated with gastrointestinal side effects, weight gain and swelling and acetaminophen liver toxicity. Acupuncture, however offers relief from the same conditions without any unwanted “side-effects,” only side benefits such as improved energy, improved mood, better focus and concentration, better quality of sleep and more!

Common sports injuries include tennis elbow, tearing the ligaments in the knee (ACL or MCL), spraining the ankle, rotator cuff tendonitis, and Achilles heel tendonitis.  All of these can be successfully treated with acupuncture.   Acupuncture helps to promote blood circulation and decrease pain and swelling so you can get back to playing the sports you love faster!  Many professional athletes including Olympians use acupuncture and Oriental medicine (such as cupping) to treat and prevent injuries.  


Inflammation can show up in many forms.  Some common forms of inflammation which affect the musculoskeletal system include arthritis, bursitis, tendonitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, fibromyalgia, and bone fractures.  As previously stated, since acupuncture stimulates the healing process of the body, it can help to speed up the healing process for any of these ailments.  Many times, when done on a regular basis, acupuncture and holistic healing methods (such as exercise, herbal medicine, nutrition and ice) can prevent the need for surgery.  Many people who come to us for help with these conditions have already been to specialists (such as orthopedic doctors, rheumatologists, and neurologists), they tried physical therapy, chiropractors, and massage therapists etc. After getting relief from their ailments using acupuncture, they wished they had tried acupuncture first!  It could have saved them a lot of time and money.

Dental pain & TMJ 

Traditional Chinese acupuncture has a history of more than 2500 years and is one of the best-known complementary and alternative therapies. Acupuncture stimulates the nervous system and alters the processing and perception of pain signals and also releases natural painkillers, such as endorphins and serotonin in the nervous system. Acupuncture's successful use for various dental conditions has been proven. Thus, it is important for the dental clinicians to be familiar with the applications of acupuncture for dental disorders.” (For research articles, please see links below with more information.)

Dental pain and TMJ can be helped with acupuncture.  Some issues that may cause dental pain include: recent dental procedure, impacted teeth, infection, tooth decay and more.  While acupuncture is not a substitute for visiting the dentist, it can help to control pain both before and after having dental procedures.  After the procedure it can help to speed up the healing process of the body.  In some dental offices, they even utilize acupuncture for pain management during the procedure, especially for patients who are allergic or otherwise elect not to undergo anesthesia.  TMJ is often caused by stress which leads to grinding teeth at night during sleep.  Acupuncture helps to reduce stress which can eliminate the teeth grinding and prevent TMJ.  TMJ can also be caused by alignment issues.  In this case acupuncture helps to relax the muscles around the jaw so that the jaw can open and close with ease and without any clicks or discomfort.


Being overweight can exacerbate pain conditions. We have a wonderful weight loss program that will help take the excess pressure off of your joints and help your body, mind and spirit to be healthier and happier.