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Dr. Gamliel

Doctor of Oriental Medicine

Our holistic health practitioner, Dr. Gamliel, is an expert in nutrition and holistic health care. She offers telehealth services for optimum convenience for her clients. She will ask the pertinent questions and formulate a treatment plan specific to your needs.

Dr. Gamliel empowers her patients and students to take responsibility for the improvement of their own health. She gives recommendations for optimal well-being: mind-body-spirit. Call 786.537.0771 to schedule your phone consultation today!

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Got STRESS? Welcome to the Club!

We live in stressful times.  There is so much uncertainty with politics, the economy, inflation, the virus, work and family life, what can we DO about it?

Certainly exercise, eating healthy, sleeping adequately, meditating, and taking a bath can help to  reduce stress.  Everybody knows that and yet most people still find themselves leading stressful lives. 

Unfortunately, stress is the leading contributing factor in many preventable life-threatening illnesses.  Therefore, it is vital for us to get our stress levels under control! 

Often we feel as if we don't have time in the day to accomplish everything that we wish to and self-help practices on our list (such as meditating or praying) get postponed- it's difficult for us to catch up with our busy agendas!

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The benefit of Online Health consulting for businesses and individuals

These sessions are excellent for wellness and prevention, but the reality is that the majority of individuals look for medical advice when they have a particular health issue. Alternatives to traditional drugs, which can have harmful side effects, are many in holistic medicine. More and more individuals are looking for alternatives, particularly after trying out traditional remedies that fell short of their expectations.

Individual or group consulting services may be used onsite or online by businesses that want to offer workplace wellness to their staff members. This will help the staff members feel less stressed and operate at their best. Employee retention and corporate morale are both boosted when staff members feel cared for. These are only a few of the many advantages that onsite or online workplace wellness services can provide.

Participating in a 30-minute guided meditation and ear acupuncture session in a conference or multi-purpose room can be of tremendous benefit from stress relief, cleansing, and attention to a variety of health issues. Even the person's health insurance policy may cover it. The therapeutic effects of the procedure may be prolonged for many days or even weeks by using herbal ear plasters. Virtual consultations provide a wealth of advantages, so it's no surprise that this industry is increasing quickly. One out of every five doctors currently provides telehealth services. With the help of the holistic health services provided both locally and online in South Florida, we warmly invite you to achieve your utmost health and wellness.

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